Species of Spaces Conference

Species of Spaces conference

‘Not to be Introduced (portraits of Georges Perec, Edward James and others)’ presented at Species of Spaces: A Transdisciplinary Conference on the work of Georges Perec

Teesside University, 28th March 2014

“Georges Perec (1936-1982) has long been celebrated for his playful and experimental approach to writing – most famously in La Disparition (1969), a lipogram written entirely without the letter ‘e’, and translated into English as A Void by Gilbert Adair. A leading member of the Oulipo, a transdisciplinary group whose members included writers and mathematicians, Perec has gained an international status as a leading innovator in the literary arts in post-war Europe. Recent years have seen the publication of new translations of Perec’s novels and essays and the emergence of a renewed critical interest in his work and its legacy. Moreover, Perec’s use of creative constraints has proved an inspiration not only for writers but also for artists working in a range of disciplines. In this context, this conference has two closely related aims. The first is to reflect on the impact of Perec’s work on innovative creative practice within the literary arts and beyond. The second is to explore transdisciplinary research methods and practice within the arts and humanities. This one day international conference will provide a unique opportunity for researchers, writers and artists to engage in creative and critical dialogue across the disciplines.”