37.5 Fragments Toward an Occupation of Time

37.5 Fragments...

‘37.5 Fragments Toward an Occupation of Time’ – a collaborative presentation written by Sarah Hughes, Dominic Lash and David Stent, delivered as part of the Transmission Lecture Series at Sheffield Hallam University, April 1st 2014.

Followed by 3 ausführende seiten 101- actualized by The Set Ensemble (Sarah Hughes, Dominic Lash, David Stent)

“From October 2012 to March 2013 Sheffield Hallam’s Fine Art Transmission Lecture Series was a discursive platform to address the theme of AGENCY (Labour, Work, Action), developed in collaboration with Art Sheffield 2013. This year the series follows this collaboration to consider Art Sheffield’s theme of ZERO HOURS, adding the sub-title: what artists do. Artists may be on call with no set minimum hours, but at whose call? What is on-call time, stand-by time, or down-time for an artist? How does an artist clock-off? How might we be sure an artist is working?”