‘Dalí / Duchamp in light of Edward James’

‘Dalí / Duchamp in light of Edward James – The International Surrealist Exhibition 1936’

Avant-Garde Studies Journal Issue 3, edited by Dawn Ades and William Jeffett

The following papers are based on presentations made at the conference held at the Royal Academy in London on 3-4 November 2017 in conjunction with the exhibition Dalí-Duchamp that was co-produced by the Royal Academy and The Dalí Museum.  The exhibition and its catalogue intended to foment new thinking about both artists and spark debate about their respective, and apparently contrasting, positions in relation to modern art.  At the same time, they were never intended to be the last word on the subject, and of course exhibitions and their related publications have their limits, making it impossible to represent the full range of the growing interest in the two artists.  By considering these major figures in terms of their proximity rather than as isolated monographic figures, it is possible to shed new light on their respective bodies of work.  It is hoped the following papers will initiate the process of reassessing their work and continue to generate more research.



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