Artichoke House ‘The Pavilion(s) of Xilitla’
Published in Charman, G. (2014) Artichoke House, published by Ditto Press, including contributions by John Warren, Marsha Bradfield, and Lucy Tomlins.
ISBN 9780993023101
There Is Nausea’
Published in MATERIALS # 1 — [Magazine (130 pages) + CD] also includes For Example, Staff’s Stuff, Nausea, ABC, The Soul, Against Kenny Goldsmith, Against Tino Sehgal, Amazing Pain, Danny Hayward, Mattin, Lisa Jeschke, David Grundy, Staff, Jeremy Hardingham, George Osborne, Patrick Farmer, Lucy Beynon and Laura Kilbride.
‘A Fingertip on Black Bulb’
Publication available through Compost and Height as a written response to a single line from George Brecht’s Water Yam (1963). Each folded pamphlet is hand-embossed, printed on cream-coloured paper in an edition of 50
‘The Marker’
First published in Wolf Notes 3 from Compost and Height
‘The Depiction of Dissemination’
First published to accompany New Perspectives on Joseph Wright conference, hosted by DMARC (Digital and Material Art Research Centre), The University of Derby, January 2012
‘After Binatone Galaxy’
after Stephen Cornford at Campbell Works, London
First published in ArtVehicle 59
Twelve Angry Diagrams
with Neil Chapman
‘Z-Index Trunk Foot’ / ‘Notes on Spherules’
with Neil Chapman
First published in Concrete Flux

‘An Uncertain Moon’
after Katie Paterson – Encounters | Ansel Adams – Photographs | Mircea Cantor – The Need for Uncertainty at Modern Art Oxford
2nd April – 1st June 2008
First published in ArtVehicle 33

‘Representations 9’
A chapbook published to accompany the performance of Representations 9, an ongoing modular composition by Dominic Lash, at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, November 24th 2008

‘Inch by Inch, Bold Ghost’
after John William Inchbold’s A Study, In March
First published in Paperweight – Journal of Visual and Material Culture
Vol. 1, No.2 [Ghosts]

  ‘Labyrinth Excerpts 54-66’
with Neil Chapman
First published on ArtVehicle
  ‘A Terezín Account’
Self-published Artist’s Book